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Techniques and Pricing and Policies

Swedish Massage: Long gliding strokes soothe aching muscles and joints.

15min $30... 30min $40... 60min $70... 90min $110a

Amma Therapy: Technique based on Oriental Medicinal theories that the body has channels that run throughout the body. Acupressure points are accessed via this massage along these channels.‚Äč

60min $75...

Mother-to-Be Massage: Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but can cause new aches and pains. This side-lying massage helps both mother and baby.

60min $70...

Infant Massage Instruction: Learn how to massage your baby! Given in 3-4 30min sessions. Massage helps fussiness, colic/gas, teething, increases bonding. Great gift for moms and dads to be!

30min $40...

Bridal House Calls (NEW): Enjoy a nice relaxing massage therapy session with aromatherapy on or the day before your special day. In your home or venue of choice. Contact for pricing...

Gift Certificates available by treatment or in any denomination!

To order a gift certificate, please email at [email protected],

or call Dara at (516)729-2621. 

E-gift cards


If a cancellation is necessary, please give 24 hours notice. If you do not give notice you will be charged a percentage of the massage session fee. Emergency cancellations are determined at the therapist's discretion,

Gift Certificates are forfeited upon not showing up for the scheduled appointment unless deemed as an emergency upon therapists discretion.

No-Fault and Worker's Comp Accepted (subject to preapproval)

Medical Insurance Discounts (dependant on an insurance carrier)

Package Pricing and Referral Program